Ellis Falls – Red Rum Mixin’ It Up Tour – Nashville

August 29, 2020
5:00 pm
Ellis Falls – Red Rum Mixin’ It Up Tour – Nashville
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Ellis Falls – Red Rum Mixin’ It Up Tour – Nashville Performance

We are very exited to announce to all of our local fans from all around New England and those online that reach from the east coast to west coast and even places outside the United States..  We are heading to Nashville Tennessee to do a show that is sponsored by Bacardi and hosted by Guiding Star Global

Aug 29, 2020 at 4:00 PM CDT

We are scheduled to perform our new single “Addicted” live from Nashville on Saturday, August 29th! Show begins at 4 PM CDT / 5 PM EDT! Our performance is part of the Red Rum Mixin’ It Up Tour.

Brad Wallace and Ryan Larochelle have been playing and writing music together for more than 16 years, performing hundreds of shows all over New England. Now, we are going to turn up the volume in Nashville!

Andrew Larochelle is Ryan’s brother and joins the duo for larger venues and plays the bass guitar creating the Ellis Falls Trio.




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